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Jaclyne Kunz

Executive National Vice President

Jaclyne is from a ranch near the small town of Richmond, SK. She has a background in finance and worked for an oilfield company before Arbonne. She is a professional barrel racer and single mother of a seven year old son, Hudson.



Laci Suitor

Regional Vice President

RVP Laci Suitor lives on a ranch in Southern Alberta. Her passion is barrel racing and rodeo. Prior to Arbonne, Laci worked as a Registered Dental Assistant. She started her Arbonne journey in March 2014 at the age of 25, and promoted to Regional Vice President that same year in December.



Tiffany Dowhan

Regional Vice President

Tiffany Dowhan is not only an Regional Vice President with Arbonne, she is also a Canadian Country Recording Artist & Entertainer and President & Founder of the High Heels and Spurs Self Esteem Foundation and Program.


Prior to Arbonne Tiffany had a successful career in Radio Broadcasting in Alberta, Canada where she worked in promotions, marketing, sales and management.

"Arbonne has truly shown me how to step into my Greatness, become the person I am meant to be and help others truly to the same!" says Tiffany "I am a very ordinary person, who learnt the tools and principles to grow in business and life, all because I took advantage of an extra-ordinary opportunity called "ARBONNE"".



Odessa Straughan

Executive Regional Vice President

Odessa Straughan is married to her supportive husband Mike and together they have three boys varying in ages and stages (16, 11, and 4). She has built a successful Arbonne business over the last 11 years, earning her first Mercedes-Benz only 11 months into the business. Prior to Arbonne Odessa was a full-time middle school teacher, and absolutely loved it, however, felt pulled in many directions because of the demands of the job. Because of Arbonne she was able to find balance in her life and make a difference not only in her life and her family’s, but also in the lives of many others.

"Arbonne has allowed me to live a life of choice; design my days how I wish them to look, to be fully present in the lives of those that matter the most to me, blessed me and my family with so many experiences and has given us back time, something that is irreplaceable."


Annette Moore

Executive Regional Vice President

I'm Annette Moore Executive Regional Vice President. I joined this amazing business November 2005. Promoted to the 3rd level of this company June 1st 2006!! This is a business I would have never seen me ever ever doing. I'm a rancher, horse trainer, barrel racer and mother of 2 wonderful adult children!! Also a grandmother of one wonder which trumps everything else. I was never into skincare, makeup or nutrition which makes this even more interesting, but I was into getting out of a rut and trying to pay some bills!! I would have never dreamed it could be this wonderful! This journey with Arbonne has been amazing! Nothing I would have ever imagined it could be. The product and company is truly amazing but what makes this the best is the people. They are the best most loving caring bunch you would ever want to be involved with. After almost 12 years it's still the best gig in town hands down!! One of my highest moments with this business was being able to offer the keys to a brand new Mercedes to a new RVP Jenn Mackie!! What a wonderful feeling! In closing I would say this journey is everything and so much more than a person could ever dream it could be!! So maybe now is the time to take a look!!

Holly Mosher

Executive Regional Vice President

I wasn't looking for Arbonne (because I didn't know something this good existed!), but Arbonne found me. I was enjoying my first summer without a job since age 14 and I was 44 years old.

Earlier that year and quite unexpectedly my government employment of 22 years had been made redundant and I was spending some time enjoying my sport of rodeo. It was there between events that I was first introduced. I immediately said no to the business but agreed to sample the product and I was instantly impressed with the results. The skincare was beyond anything I had ever experienced.

Looking back I am sure I said no to the business because I didn't 'know' anything beyond how I'd always perceived 'work'. I don't know about time leveraging, or about working smarter, not harder. I didn't know that Arbonne is there for people like you and me to have choices.

After much thought and a few sleepless nights I jumped right in. I didn't dip my toe in, I went to work and starting sharing Arbonne with everyone I knew. I shared the product and the business equally, I wanted everyone to be given a choice.

It's a choice I've never regretted, it's brought about personal growth, amazing friendships and a business that can be sustained long beyond myself. Thank you Arbonne leaders who have paved the way for all of us!!

Jennifer Mackie

Regional Vice President

Jennifer Mackie lives in Prince George, British Columbia with her husband Stephen and their three children, Nathan, 13, and twins Jayden and Zéa, 11. Before starting a family and before her Arbonne life, Jennifer worked as a full time high school teacher. She stayed home with their three children in their early years, moving throughout the province and following her husbands demanding career. Jennifer was looking to go back to work and rediscover a career for herself, but was fearful of the demands of the full time teaching profession. Arbonne has allowed her the flexibility and choice to be present everyday in the lives of her children, work around her husbands busy travel schedule and build an empowering part time business that continues to grow.

Arbonne has given me back a piece of myself and allowed me to dream epic dreams. The most rewarding part of this business is that I get to share this opportunity and empower others to also create their own lives by design. This business challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, work on your self discipline and pursue a path of personal development. My children are forever changed because of Arbonne, as my growth in this business has played out for them in their day to day lives. I have modelled for them the importance of goal setting, the joy of helping others and the power of never giving up. This is really only the beginning of my journey, I shine a little brighter because of Arbonne and I live life a whole lot bigger.

Brook Robertson

Executive Regional Vice President

Brook lives just outside Fort Assiniboine, Alberta with her spouse Jason. At the time when Arbonne was introduced there was no desire to start another business. Already riding too many horses and being a horse trainer and professional barrel racer her plate was very full, but the opportunity was too good to pass up. Wanting a life with more choices and freedom to do what she loves, she jumped into Arbonne. Within 15 short months working very part time and riding horses on the side, Brook made it to the top of the company, and has never looked back. Being able to live a life with passion and purpose that is why Arbonne has been such a gift. Big dreams do come true.

Amanda Crowe

Executive Regional Vice President

Amanda Crowe and her husband Matt along with their two little girls live on an acreage north of Calgary, AB.

After high school Amanda attended college where she studied Massage Therapy. She later on met Matt through her passion of rodeo and they later started a family together. When their first born was only 9 months old she ended up in the children's hospital for a month with a critical illness. Miraculously she made a full recovery. But after going through something so traumatizing Amanda didn't want to return to work when her daughter turned one. She had watched one of her close friends NVP Jaclyne Kunz live a life by design for years she started thinking maybe this is something she could do too. So she jumped in with both feet determined to do whatever it would take to earn enough money to be a stay at home mom with her little one.

Within 4 months Amanda and her incredible team promoted to the Regional Vice President level. Reaching this level in the company has allowed Amanda to be at home present with her children every day. A dream come true. It has also allowed her to pursue her passion of rodeo and barrel racing and now enjoying it with her children also. She never in a million years seen herself doing a business like this but now she can't imagine her life without it. Not only what it has done for her and her family but sharing with others and showing them what Arbonne can do for them as well.

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